Curating exceptional art experiences that captivate and inspire.

As advocates for education and community engagement, we strive to create spaces that foster learning, dialogue, and reflection.

Our curatorial team possesses a deep understanding of African American history, culture, and artistic expressions, allowing us to create exhibitions that challenge stereotypes, celebrate achievements, and promote dialogue.

The Montague Collection stands as a distinguished bespoke exhibition company dedicated to illuminating the richness and complexity of African American history through the compelling medium of visual arts. With unwavering commitment and profound reverence, we curate exhibitions that pay homage to the vibrant legacy and profound contributions of African Americans, fostering cultural understanding, and inspiring a more inclusive world.

Established in 2012, The Montague Collection carries the legacy of its founder, a visionary curator and historian deeply passionate about African American history. Inspired by the tireless pursuit of truth and representation, our company seeks to uncover hidden narratives, challenge prevailing narratives, and celebrate the triumphs and resilience of African Americans throughout history.

At The Montague Collection, we believe that art has the power to transcend barriers, ignite conversations, and promote social change. Our curatorial team comprises dedicated professionals with a profound understanding of African American history, culture, and artistic expressions. With meticulous research, we curate exhibitions that explore the breadth and depth of African American experiences, shedding light on often overlooked stories and amplifying the voices of African American artists.

The Montague Collection holds a profound commitment to artistic excellence. We collaborate with a diverse range of artists, historians, scholars, and institutions to create exhibitions that evoke emotions, challenge perspectives, and encourage meaningful dialogue. Our exhibitions feature a carefully selected blend of paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed media, and multimedia installations, each piece chosen for its artistic merit and ability to evoke a powerful connection with viewers.

Beyond the confines of exhibition spaces, The Montague Collection actively engages with communities and educational institutions. We foster partnerships and collaborations that promote the understanding of African American history and culture. Through educational programs, workshops, and community outreach initiatives, we seek to inspire dialogue, empower individuals, and encourage the exploration of African American heritage in all its dimensions.

The Montague Collection embraces the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, showcasing the breadth and richness of African American artistic expressions. We support emerging and established artists who explore the African American experience and contribute to the dialogue surrounding social justice, equality, and representation. By providing a platform for their voices, we strive to shape a more equitable art landscape.

Our commitment extends beyond the exhibition experience. The Montague Collection actively engages in preserving and documenting African American history, ensuring that the narratives we present endure for future generations. We collaborate with scholars, archivists, and cultural institutions to curate artifacts, photographs, and documents that provide a tangible link to the past and deepen our understanding of African American history.

The Montague Collection is not only a custodian of African American history but a catalyst for change, empowerment, and celebration. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us, as we honor the legacies of African Americans, celebrate their achievements, and inspire a future where cultural diversity and inclusivity thrive. Together, we can build bridges of understanding and appreciation, one exhibition at a time.


  • Civil Rights Movement: Exhibitions exploring the pivotal moments, key figures, and social movements that shaped the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
  • Black Culture and Identity: Exhibitions that delve into the diverse aspects of Black culture, traditions, and expressions of identity.
  • Slavery and Its Legacy: Exhibitions examining the history, experiences, and impact of slavery on African Americans and society as a whole.
  • African Diaspora: Exhibitions exploring the global impact and cultural connections of the African diaspora across different regions.
  • Black Women in History: Exhibitions celebrating the contributions and achievements of Black women throughout history.
  • Artistic Expressions: Exhibitions showcasing the artistic talents and creative expressions of African American artists across various mediums.
  • Music and the Black Experience: Exhibitions exploring the influence and significance of African American music in shaping culture and social change.
  • Harlem Renaissance: Exhibitions highlighting the cultural and intellectual movement of the Harlem Renaissance and its impact on African American arts, literature, and music.
  • Black Power Movement: Exhibitions examining the ideology, activism, and cultural expressions of the Black Power Movement.
  • African American Literature: Exhibitions exploring the works and literary contributions of African American writers.
  • African American Portraiture: Exhibitions featuring portraiture as a means to capture and celebrate the diversity and individuality of African Americans.
  • Sports and Athletics: Exhibitions focusing on the achievements, barriers, and cultural significance of African American athletes throughout history.
  • Black Excellence in Science and Innovation: Exhibitions highlighting the achievements and contributions of African Americans in science, technology, and innovation.
  • Black Lives Matter Movement: Exhibitions exploring the impact and ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality.
  • African American Healing and Wellness: Exhibitions focusing on traditional healing practices, wellness, and the promotion of holistic health within the African American community.


  • African American Fashion and Style: Exhibitions showcasing the evolving fashion trends, style icons, and cultural influences within the African American community.
  • African American Contributions to the Arts: Exhibitions focusing on the significant contributions of African Americans to various artistic disciplines, such as dance, theater, and film.
  • Racial Identity and Intersectionality: Exhibitions exploring the complexities of racial identity and intersectionality within the African American experience.
  • Education and Activism: Exhibitions highlighting the history and role of African American educators, scholars, and activists in promoting social change.
  • African American Inventors and Innovators: Exhibitions celebrating the contributions of African American inventors and innovators in various fields.
  • Black Queer and LGBTQ+ Experiences: Exhibitions exploring the intersections of race, sexuality, and gender identity within the African American community.
  • African American Folklore and Oral Traditions: Exhibitions delving into the rich storytelling traditions, folktales, and oral histories of African Americans.
  • Religion and Spirituality: Exhibitions exploring the diverse religious practices and spiritual traditions within the African American community.
  • African American Icons and Icons in the Making: Exhibitions focusing on influential figures, both historical and contemporary, who have made a significant impact on African American culture and society.
  • African American Political Movements: Exhibitions tracing the history and impact of African American political movements, from the abolitionist movement to present-day activism.
  • African American Military Contributions: Exhibitions highlighting the contributions and sacrifices of African American servicemen and women in various conflicts and wars.
  • African American Entrepreneurship and Business: Exhibitions exploring the achievements and contributions of African American entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Environmental Justice and African American Communities: Exhibitions examining the intersection of environmental issues and social justice within African American communities.
  • African American Foodways and Culinary Traditions: Exhibitions showcasing the culinary traditions, contributions, and cultural significance of African American cuisine.