The Hypocrisy of DeSantis and PragerU: Embracing Indoctrination in Florida's Classrooms

In the hallowed halls of Florida’s educational institutions, a troubling paradox has emerged—one that reveals the hypocrisy of Governor Ron DeSantis and the conservative powerhouse PragerU. They champion the rallying cry against “indoctrination” in schools, yet their actions speak louder than their empty words. Beneath the veneer of concern for educational integrity lies an unsettling truth: they are eager proponents of ideological indoctrination as long as it aligns with their vision of a whitewashed America. The very essence of indoctrination is writ large in Florida’s classrooms, as DeSantis and PragerU manipulate the educational landscape to peddle their biased narratives, all while feigning a false commitment to truth and equality.

Let’s be clear: Conservatives like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the folks at PragerU are not truly opposed to indoctrination in schools. Their vehement outcry against “indoctrination” is nothing more than a political buzzword, cleverly employed to mask their own hypocritical agenda. While they rail against perceived liberal indoctrination, they eagerly promote their own brand of ideological indoctrination that suits their narrow worldview.

Recently, the Tampa Bay Times reported that an unaccredited conservative non-profit organization, PragerU, notorious for propagating anti-immigration theories and downplaying systemic racism, has received approval to provide classroom materials to Florida schools. Yes, you read that right—Florida’s education officials are entrusting an organization with no educational credentials to educate students. This raises critical questions about their priorities: Is it more important to offer students a well-rounded, fact-based education, or does the focus lie on pushing a conservative agenda that whitewashes history and dismisses the struggles of marginalized communities?

PragerU, founded by the conservative radio host Dennis Prager, has declared its intent to expand its influence beyond Florida, seeking to introduce its questionable K-12 lessons nationwide. Their press release claims that teachers across the country are yearning for their “wholesome, quality, engaging resources” to counteract what they perceive as “radical political agendas” in education. However, one must scrutinize the definition of “radical” in this context. To PragerU and their conservative base, any discussion of systemic racism or gender fluidity is deemed “radical,” revealing their refusal to grapple with the uncomfortable realities of U.S. history.

The very notion that discussions on systemic racism and gender identity are deemed “radical” only underscores the fragile, willful ignorance of some conservatives who would rather bury their heads in the sand than confront uncomfortable truths. PragerU’s attempt to label these essential lessons as “radical political agendas” exposes their indoctrination initiative, aimed at promoting a sanitized version of history that aligns with their narrative of an exceptional, utopian America.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Dennis Prager himself has shown his true colors through racially insensitive and baseless statements. He falsely claimed that Black students commit the “overwhelming” majority of on-campus hate crimes and made wild accusations regarding the origins of racial graffiti on campuses. Prager’s views on race and his disdain for the evolving language of racial identity are both shocking and disheartening.

To make matters worse, Florida’s educational landscape has been tainted by recent legislative decisions that compel teachers to present a distorted version of history. Teachers are now required to teach that enslaved people benefited from slavery and that Black victims of race massacres were also involved in acts of violence. Such a revisionist approach to history only perpetuates systemic racism and further erodes the credibility of Florida’s educational system.

In the end, what we see in Florida is a cynical marriage between Governor Ron DeSantis and PragerU, each serving their own vested interests at the expense of students’ intellectual growth. While they cry foul over perceived indoctrination, they unashamedly embrace a curriculum that whitewashes history, vilifies the marginalized, and perpetuates a narrow, conservative agenda.

As citizens, we must hold our leaders accountable for their actions and ensure that education is based on evidence, diverse perspectives, and critical thinking. Indoctrination, regardless of its ideological leaning, has no place in our schools. Our students deserve an education that fosters open-mindedness, promotes intellectual curiosity, and confronts historical realities with courage.